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1. What kind of prices are there?

There are rates for the general public, with reduced prices for children between 4 and 13 years old. Club members will have a 50% discount on the general public rates, and it is free for our Benjamín members. There are special rates for groups and people with disabilities, which you can check by emailing or calling 0034 91 365 09 31.


2. From what age do children pay?

From 4 years old (included). They must always be accompanied by an adult. Younger members enter free of charge.


3. I am a Club Member. Can someone else benefit from my discount?

No, discounts are only applicable to cardholders. They must present it together with their ID card or family book at the Atleti Territory entrance.


4. Is the price different if I purchase online or at the ticket office?

Yes, you will find the cheapest price on our official website. In the case of club members, the prices will be the same both on the website and at the ticket office.




5. How long does the visit to Territorio Atleti last?

The estimated time for the visit if you buy the Museum + Tour ticket is 2 hours and 30 minutes. You can take as long as you want to visit the museum, although as a reference you can visit it in 1 hour and 30 minutes, since the guided tour is approximately one hour long. Our recommendation is that if you buy your Museum + Tour ticket you should visit the museum first, especially if visiting in the late hours of the day, although you can also see the museum after the tour.


6. How early do I have to arrive?

If you have purchased the Museum + Tour ticket, we recommend visiting the museum at least 1.5 hours before, unless you're coming in the first shift of the day. In that case, you should visit the museum later. You must be punctual for the guided tour.


7. Closing time is at 6 pm. Does that mean I have to leave the stadium at that time?

You can enter until 6 pm and stay until the facility closes at 7.30 pm.


8. Can I visit the stadium on match day?

Due to COVID-19 safety procedures, both on game days and the previous afternoon, only the museum can be visited.


9. If I am late for the tour, what happens to my ticket?

If you have not arrived on time for your guided tour, we will offer you the possibility to be included in the next tour with available capacity. Remember that all our tours are limited in capacity.




10. Can I purchase tickets with several member discounts in the same purchase?

In order that several members can purchase tickets in the same purchase and benefit from the discount or priority, the club has created membership codes.

Practical example

Imagine you want to buy two tickets, one for you and one for a friend who is also a club member. To buy your two tickets with discount or priority in the same purchase, you will have to do the following:

1. Your friend must access the virtual office in the member codes area and request one for Territorio Atleti. It is very important that you do not take more than 24 hours between the request and the purchase because otherwise the code will expire and you will have to request another one.

2. Your friend will send you the code.

3. Once you have your friend's code, you will start the purchase process where you must first identify yourself as a member with your ID and password.

4. Then, you will have to add your friend's code and validate it.

5. The discounts or priority will be automatically applied to your two tickets.




11. Do I need to bring my printed tickets?

You can bring your tickets in print or on your mobile device.


12. I want to take a guided tour. How can I book it?

We do not make reservations, you can purchase your ticket and selecting the date and time you want.


13. Can I only buy the ticket to visit the stadium?

No, the visit to the stadium is always accompanied by a visit to our Museum.


14. I have bought tickets for an open date. Do I have to book in advance?

No, you don't need to book. You must check the schedule on our website and come in advance to see the Museum. We will give you access on the first available guided tour from your arrival.


15. I can't come to Atleti Territory on the date I bought my ticket.

If you can't come the day you bought your ticket, don't worry. Let us know at least 24 hours in advance, attaching the tickets and we will change your visit for another date and time.


16. If I bought a museum ticket, could I join a guided tour?

Once you get to Territorio Atleti, ask our reception if there are places available to join the next visit and pay the difference in the ticket.




17. Accessibility and wheelchair policy.

Wheelchairs: You can visit the Atleti Territory Museum without any inconvenience. All our rooms are adapted. During the tour of the stadium one of our guides will accompany you so that you can see the most relevant places in our stadium. Those people with mobility limitations and who have bought a Museum and Tour ticket, should call or write an email to at least 24 hours in advance to arrange their visit.




18. Where is Atleti Territory located?

Access to the Atleti Territory Museum is done through the commercial walkway right next to our official store.


19. What language is the visit in?

The visit will be in both Spanish and English.


20. Can I take photos or videos in Atleti Territory?

Yes, it is allowed in the whole area.


21. Is there any kind of locker to leave suitcases, baby carriages, etc.?

Yes. There are lockers that have the same opening hours as Territorio Atleti.


22. Is it possible to make the visit with a suitcase or a baby carriage?

It is compulsory to leave the suitcases in the luggage room, which is located in the actual Atleti Territory. However, if you want to bring the baby carriage you can do so, but we must inform you that during the visit to the stadium you will find different flights of stairs.


23. Once I have accessed Atleti Territory, can I go out and come back in?

No, only one access is allowed per ticket.


24. Is it safe?

In accordance with the public administration's recommendations regarding COVID19 , the use of a mask is compulsory to access the premises. In addition, there are disinfectant gel dispensers installed both at the entrance door and in different areas of the route. Your safety is our priority.


25. Is it easy to park?

Come and park comfortably just a few metres from the Territorio Atleti entrance, located on the commercial promenade, in front of the stadium. The car park located in the west area of the Cívitas Metropolitano, which is accessed by Avenida Luis Aragonés, is free, except on match days or events.




26. Who is responsible for the tickets?

Remember that you are responsible for the proper use of inputs, if they make more than one copy of each, only allow access to the site to the first person that would agree regardless of who made the purchase.


27. Are the contact details necessary?

We need your personal information in order to offer better service and have registered the operation you are performing. It is very important that we can contact you and inform you of any issues that may arise with your purchase (delays, cancellations, etc.).

It is therefore imperative that you fill the fields with the data you request to continue with the purchase process.

The data you provide will be added to a database in order to facilitate the processing of orders and to send you information about future events that may be of interest, so yes, provided you have given us authorization.

You can enforce rights of access, rectification and deletion of data in that file in the terms established in the Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, and other regulations in force in Spain, writing mail to our customer.

After entering the data and read the document with the "Terms of Purchase", click the "Continue" button to continue the purchase process.


28. What is the purchase confirmation?

This is the last step before making payment of the selected entries. It is very important to verify each and every one of the points that we show to ensure you have selected the show and meeting you want to attend, and all your data and selected localities incorrect.

You must make sure well before processing the payment of your reservation, because it is not possible to return the tickets purchased. Unable to attend the show or making a mistake when purchasing the tickets are not for grounds for a refund. Only tickets may be canceled for any technical or operational incidents, which always will be registered in our system.


29. I have problems with the payment of the tickets, what should I do?

CARD PAYMENT THROUGH OUR WEBSITE ticketing is completely safe

To pay for the tickets that you've just booked, you can use any of the following cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Eurocard, Maestro and Euro6000 enabled with secure trade. To activate it, you must contact your bank.

In our system we use a completely secure payment process, certified by Verisign Inc., through an external gateway to our system. This means that during the whole process of payment information is encrypted using SSL and 128-bit keys. If you notice, when you are in the payment process key displayed at the bottom of the browser and in the address http:// is replaced by https://.

Furthermore, when the data filled and you press Pay, connect directly with Visa or Mastercard, both entities are brought into contact with the card issuer to validate the operation.

All payment transactions are insured against fraud through secure trade operations. This operation means that our external payment gateway contact the issuer of your card to verify that it's you who is actually buying the tickets and not someone using your card fraudulently.

If your bank does not approve the fee, the reservation is canceled.

For your peace of mind we remind you that the data of your credit card are not recorded in any database or process associated in our applications.


30. Concerning the card payment and trade insurance.

1) What is the security code or CVV?

CVV is a security measure we require for all transactions. Because the CVV number is on your credit card, but not stored anywhere, the only way to know the correct CVV number is when you have physical possession of the card itself.

The security code or CCV is the last three digits on the back of the card brands Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro.

2) What is the PIN?

It is the "Personal Identification Number" which you will be asked when making a purchase so that it is secure.

If your card is VISA OR MASTERCARD systems will be validated by secure online purchase Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. These systems are offered by the bank or card issuer, allowing verification of the identity of the cardholder as a prelude to charge the amount of the transaction. This will prevent fraudulent use in case of theft or loss of the card.

3) Why do I connect with my bank to pay my ticket?

Our system offers a secure shopping system, without the possibility of fraud. All confidential data are generated to operate the system are encrypted. You can check that with these steps, your browser indicates that you are working against a secure server.

The application connects with the bank or card issuer, and a new screen, to ensure the safety of the operation.

The bank or prompt you to enter a password that will be assigned upon request. If you do not have one, depending on the state, you can apply through the Internet or at your bank branch.

4) I can not buy and my card is valid and has credit

Due to the payment method based on safe trade, if the card with which payment is made is not discharged by your financial institution to operate in a secure environment, the entity can never accept payment.

Each company uses its own payment systems requesting a PIN, CIF, coordinate, mobile phone, etc.. Therefore, to begin with, you should contact your institution for discharged card to operate in safe Internet.

Once the card can buy insurance businesses like ours, validate your entity who performs the operation that is you, asking for a PIN, coordinate, Cif, phone call, etc..

5) I can not access the external payment gateway checkout

There are some users who connect from a network configured for business and some have restricted access. You may not get to see if the window to enter the details of your credit card is because you have restricted access or the browser security settings do not allow. If you do try it from another machine.

Another reason may be the browser settings you access the Internet. If you have software that disables pop ups (pop) will not let you to open the window of the payment gateway and you can not complete the operation. Change this setting to make the payment.


31. Do you still have any questions?

If you have any questions you can contact us at the email address or calling 0034 91 365 09 31.

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